Market Harborough & District U3A
Market Harborough & District U3A

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01 November 2017Commercial Endorsements: Policy
01 November 2017MHU3A Safeguarding Policy
01 November 2017U3A Equal Opportunities Policy
01 November 2017Current Newsletter
01 October 2017Newsletter for October 2017
01 October 2017A calendar month of activities
01 September 2017Newsletter for September 2017
28 August 2017Third Age Trust: Annual Budget 2017-18
28 August 2017Guidelines for Group Leaders
01 August 2017Newsletter for August 2017
09 February 2017MHU3A Constitution
01 January 2017Membership renewal form
01 January 2016Technical document: Audio Setup Instructions (Hall)
01 January 2016Technical document: Loop Amplifier Setup
01 January 2016Technical document: Pulse Megamouth MP3
01 January 2016Technical document: Laptop and Projector Notes