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Bulletin Board
Monday 31 December 2018

This is a new facility for members who might (for example) want help with something, or have something to give away, or have an idea for a new Group. If you would like to use it, send your message via the Contact Us facility.

From Jonathan Chappell 

Date Posted: 24 March 2018

Subject: Possible New Group

As a long-time fan and admirer of Leonard Cohen, I was thinking of setting up a new interest group to explore his song lyrics. I would hope the group could meet once a month (possibly fourth Monday of each month at 2pm, when there is little on ).

At each meeting we could listen to two songs and then explore the meaning of those lyrics in more detail. We could also use other internet resources to see what other critics have read into the songs.  So, for example, at the first meeting we could listen to Suzanne and The Stranger Song (from the first Songs of Leonard Cohen album), and see what meaning we could find in them.

There is a book Stranger Music: Selected Poems and Songs of  Leonard Cohen, which covers most of the song lyrics up to I'm Your Man, so this book would last a number of years! (Try Abe Books for a reasonably priced copy). If this idea appeals to you please let me know.

Jonathan Chappell 0116 2792915 or by email (click here)