Market Harborough & District U3A
Market Harborough & District U3A
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10 April 2018FILM Belle de Jour
11 April 2018WALK Meanderers: Medbourne
11 April 2018WALK Strollers: Wistow
12 April 2018TALK General Meeting: Two Funny Ladies
14 April 2018GARDENS TRIP to Thenford House
20 April 2018DAY TRIP Bury St Edmunds and Anglesey Abbey
26 April 2018ART APPRECIATION VISIT Kettles Yard, Cambridge
26 April 2018GARDENS TRIP to Derbyshire
08 May 2018FILM Italian for Beginners
10 May 2018TALK General Meeting: Every Body Tells a Story
16 May 2018GARDENS TRIP to Worcestershire
18 May 2018COACH TRIP to Cotswold Farm Park
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04 June 2018HOLIDAY Garden Group Holiday in Yorkshire
12 June 2018FILM Repulsion
14 June 2018TALK General Meeting: Make Do and Mend
20 June 2018GARDENS TRIP to Suffolk
24 June 2018DAY TRIP Kilworth House Theatre: Guys and Dolls
28 June 2018CAR TRIP to Taylor Bell Foundry, Loughborough
28 June 2018ART APPRECIATION VISIT Compton Verney in Warwickshire
10 July 2018FILM 8 and a Half
12 July 2018TALK General Meeting: Mocha, Latte and the Wine of Araby
19 July 2018GARDENS TRIP to Worcestershire and Herefordshire
26 July 2018ART APPRECIATION VISIT Birmingham Art Gallery
09 August 2018COFFEE MORNING General Meeting
14 August 2018FILM Hail Caesar
17 August 2018COACH TRIP to National Arboretum
19 August 2018DAY TRIP Kilworth House Theatre: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
11 September 2018FILM The White Ribbon
17 September 2018GARDENS TRIP to Nottinghamshire
20 September 2018THEATRE TRIP War Horse at Milton Keynes Theatre
09 October 2018FILM Le Gout des Autres
13 November 2018FILM Kagemusha
11 December 2018FILM Viridiana
08 January 2019FILM Girl on a Motorcycle

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FILM Belle de Jour
Tuesday 10 April 2018

Time and Venue: 2pm Welland Place, St Marys Road. Sign in and out at Reception. Screenings are on the large-screen TV in the Library.

Title: Belle de Jour

Director: Bunuel

Review: Bunuel comments ironically on man's bizarre attempts to civilize the irrational.

See the Film Club page in Activities. Please let us know if you plan to come along.